Organic Roots ==> Authentic Fruits

Too often we let others pull us into becoming an inauthentic version of ourselves. We get pulled into conversations, relationships, assignments, and confrontations that have absolutely nothing to do with who we want to be and everything to do with someone else’s agenda.

When we allow this to happen, we plant our roots in someone else’s garden. We become their tiller and their fertilizer, helping their plants to grow taller, stronger, and brighter at the expense of our own. As a result, our inorganic roots yield bitter fruit.

We can do better. We can choose AUTHENTICITY.

Resolve in 2022 to plant your roots organically. Plant what you want, where you want, when you want, and be exceptionally mindful about how these choices will impact your growth. To do this well, you must also resolve to learn more about yourself. Spend time figuring out what you most enjoy planting, cultivating, harvesting, and sharing with others. Find the plants that you most uniquely bring to this world, learn what those plants need to thrive, and then give it to them patiently, consistently, relentlessly.

We can do this together – and when we do, I’m confident we can spend 2022 enjoying the authentic fruits of what our organic roots are really capable of growing!


  1. Chris,

    An excellent post. Thank you for these writings on mindfulness.


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