Convenience and Coordination

Thanks to the folks at HealthLeaders Media and reporter Debra Shute for interviewing me for this story.

One of the key messages we landed on was this:

“…the push toward accountable populations while simultaneously meeting consumers in their living rooms are dual trends that will definitely need to be resolved within the next 10 years.”

I am confident that telemedicine will play an enormous roll to help bridge the gap between the convenience of 24/7 access and the high degree of care coordination that a medical home can provide.  Combined with walk-in primary care and a fully leveraged single electronic medical record, I believe we can find a balance between these dueling forces and actually improve population health outcomes in the process.

If you work in healthcare, how is your health system finding the balance between the pull of consumerism and the increasing push of population-level risk onto providers?

If you don’t work in healthcare, how is your team of doctors and hospitals (both primary care and specialty care) working to help you meet your 24/7 needs as a consumer while maximizing your care coordination?


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